• Who Uses Case Closed Cloud™?

    Case Closed Cloud is an innovative, best-in-class solution for customers who want world-class investigation management software without the headaches of managing an IT infrastructure. Our customers simply sign up and go! 
    Here's just a few...

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is the investigative bureau of the US Department of Transportation. This large group of investigators focuses on everything from smuggling to cases of human trafficking, using Case Closed Cloud as the investigation backbone. Investigators can update cases, search case history, manage vehicles and other entities, and stay organized from anywhere, on any device via the cloud-based software.

Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector is an independent Florida State agency that is designed to be free from influence by local or state agencies. The Constitutional Tax Collector collects property taxes, business license fees, and other important forms of revenue for every local government that has the power to levy taxes, and uses Case Closed Cloud to manage investigations and collections of Tourist Development Taxes (TDT) and local business taxes (BTR).

The Aquatic Resources Law Enforcement Task Force

The Aquatic Resources Task Force (ARTF) is a 5-State law enforcement task force consisting of wildlife and natural resources investigative agents from Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri . ARTF uses Case Closed Cloud to manage interstate criminal investigations related to wildlife and natural resources. The task force selected Case Closed Cloud due to the system's ease-of-use, quick deployment model, and cost-effective pricing.

10th Judicial Drug & Violet Crime Task Force

Headed by District Attorney Steve Crump, Tennesee's 10th Judicial Drug and Violent Crime Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force made up of law enforcement agencies across many counties and cities. The Task Force uses Case Closed Cloud to aggressively investigate everything from drug dealers on the street, right up to the organized criminal enterprises operating within the jurisdiction. With Case Closed Cloud, The 10th Judicial Task Force works with all local, state, and federal agencies to reach their goal of a drug free community.

Livingston County Sheriff's Office

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office Task Force comprises a whopping 17 towns and 16 villages in New York State. Using one simple, affordable tool to track investigative tasks across such a wide range of jurisdictions is why the county selected Case Closed Cloud.

The U-NIT Investigative Services

The U-NIT is a global investigation services business based in Africa. A privately-held Zambian Company, The U-NIT is a leading provider of security and investigation services  registered under the Laws of Zambia. The company's vision is to be a number one efficient service provider of services across the continent. Their competitive advantage lies in their ability to interact extensively with various communities and our quest to tailor our services according to customer needs at affordable rates and, to that end, uses Case Closed Cloud to track and manage all investigations from start to finish.

Red 5 Security

Red 5 Security is a leading security solutions provider based in the Washington, DC area. The company provides customers with intelligence solutions, protective programs, and privacy solutions. Using Case Closed Cloud, the company leads their market with PRiME, a Protective Intelligence Methodology for Executives by investigating a variety of threats to persons or institutions. Case Closed's unique 'dossier' capabilities helps Red 5 Security ensure that they always have firm grasp on the security and protection of their clients.